Your crash course in AI investing: Part 1

Where will the next wave of innovation come from? AI is one possible answer.

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Maximising your portfolio growth whilst protecting downside

Jaaims is capable of demonstrating real-time trading results so you can see first-hand the returns.

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What is Portfolio Diversification and why is it important?

Understanding the risks associated to any investment and the reward for that risk is paramount to your decision-making process.

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The pro’s and con’s of automated trading

Today, over 90% of trading and investing is done by machines.

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Investing is as much a test of patience as it is picking the right stocks

Jaaims’ philosophy isn’t to pick the bottom or the top, it is to make the profit in the middle being patient and waiting for the right time to enter.

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Jaaims’ Commitment to Climate Change

We are committing to decrease our footprint and to assist in the slowing of climate change.

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