Your crash course in AI investing: Part 2


Democratising Finance

The game is rigged. The everyday investor has long been frozen out of Wall Street’s biggest and best deals, not to mention the fact that access to data and research has remained prohibitively expensive. Zero brokerage fees are great, but they’ve brought with them a range of hidden costs and consequences.

Maybe nowhere is the imbalance in the financial sector clearer than in the realm of quantitative investing.

Take Renaissance Technologies, founded by Jim Simmons. It’s run by an army of math geniuses and is maybe the best performing hedge fund in the history of hedge funds. It’s also ultra-secretive. Using a quantitative investment approach, in 2020 Renaissance Technologies’ flagship Medallion fund, which is only open to fund insiders, gained a staggering 76%.

Strangely though, Renaissance Technologies’ other funds – which it makes available to some outside investors, assuming you meet the onerous requirements – crashed between 19% to 32% in 2020.

This zeroes in on one of our key goals at Jaaims: To democratise finance, to broaden, not narrow the options of individual investors.

Part of this goal is making sure that our cutting-edge AI investing platform is accessible to as many investors and traders as possible. With three different tiers – with our Starter option beginning at just $9 dollars a month – there is something for every level of investor. Click here to learn more about our pricing models here.

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