Your crash course in AI investing: Part 1


From zero to one

If it was the internet that kicked off a new wave of innovation in the 90s and early 2000s, it is arguably the creation of the iPhone that allowed the next round of disruptive companies to emerge in the most recent decade.

Thanks to its design, processing power and unrivalled network effects, the iPhone would see a wave of new companies ushered into existence – ones that simply couldn’t have existed without it. Uber, Lyft, Instagram, SnapChat, RobinHood all exist in the forms they do because of the iPhone.

The AI Revolution

This all begs the question: Where will the next wave of innovation come from? Artificial intelligence (AI) is one possible answer.

While AI and machine learning is by no means a new field, in many ways it is yet to bring about the kind of zero to one innovations that the iPhone created. That doesn’t mean significant progress hasn’t and isn’t being made right now, though its impacts may be less noticeable.

Finance is one industry that is both ripe for disruption and one that’s always been on the razor’s edge of innovation. Computers changed the way the entire sector operated in the 80s, and then the internet levelled the playing field between institutions and individual investors. AI looks to be on the verge of disrupting the industry even more, from robo-advisors, risk management solutions, online fraud prevention, automated trading systems, and more…

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