Your crash course in AI investing: Part 3


The benefits of AI investing
Our AI trading platform aims to help investors overcome two key factors that can impact their performance: Time and Emotion.

Limited time
Warren Buffett is known to spend his entire, yes entire, day reading. From morning till evening Buffett devours anything and everything about companies and the market. Investment professionals spend their days hunting down the next big thing and equipped with armies of analysts they pore over data and research day in day out.
Your time is limited. We recognise that. With a deluge of earnings releases, economic data dumps, broker reports, news announcements… the list of market moving data may seem almost endless. Processing it all is nearly impossible. Making use of it effectively is even harder.
Jaaims analyses data like that so you don’t have to! Our trading system looks at everything from news, financial data and social media sources – in real time and makes portfolio adjustments accordingly.

Emotion dominates decisions
As investors we like to think that all our decisions are rational. While that is often the case, spend enough time in the markets and you’re bound to make a mistake. As Mike Tyson once said: ‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.’ Though a brash point, Tyson’s quote carries with it a very important investment lesson: when the stakes are real, when there’s actual capital at risk, our behaviour can change dramatically.
For example, paper trading can be fun, but it does not compare to the real thing. If you’ve traded or invested in the past, you’ve likely sold at a loss at one point or another. Even worse, maybe you sold a stock only for it to skyrocket a month later. It’s hard not to kick yourself in this kind of situation.
Taking the emotion out of investing is one of the key benefits of Jaaims’ automated trading system. Our system, for example, handles all buy and sell decisions, as well as calculating optimal position sizing. This not only potentially helps you maximise your returns, but it means you don’t have to worry about your emotions cutting into your trading performance.

All of this is not to dissuade you from trading or investing yourself. There are benefits of AI investing as well as more traditional approaches. Rather, the point is to show you how Jaaims’ AI trading solution can perfectly compliment what you’re already doing.

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