Frequently Asked Questions at Jaaims

Jaaims – the automated online trading platform allows you to trade shares from popular international markets by using our advanced AI technology. All you need to do is connect your broker account, choose your portfolio and Jaaims will do the rest.

Getting started with Jaaims

To create an account, you can sign up by clicking on any “Join for free” button on our website, please note that currently Jaaims only works on your mobile. In early 2022 Jaaims will be accessible on an iPad and desktop screens.

You can download the app from the Apple store here.

You can download the app from the Google Play store here.

If you would like more help, simply contact our friendly Client Services & Support team using live chat or by calling us.


Our iOS app is ready for download in the App Store.

Jaaims is now available for download in the Google Play store, you can download the app here: https://bit.ly/3q01xcN

Jaaims is a mobile only application and will not work on a desktop web browser. In early 2022, Jaaims will be accessible on an iPad and desktop.

Jaaims works best on iOS and Android. Other operating systems support Jaaims, however, cannot offer the same level of experience as iOS and Android do while using Jaaims.

Verifying your account

When you connect a live trading account to Jaaims, and before you can trade, we need to verify your identity. You can do this by providing us with an Australian Driver Licence or Australian Passport.

If we are unable to verify your identity, we will email you from support@jaaimsapp.com with the necessary steps to take to verify your account.

Your account will require three verifications which are all handled within the app. The first step is to verify your mobile number – we’ll send you a text message with your verification code to copy over to the Jaaims app.

The second step is to verify your email address. Upon sign up, we’ll send you a verification link in an email. Click the link within the email. This does not need to be done immediately, however does need to be completed before the trial period ends.

The final step is to complete a mandatory anti-money laundering (AML) check in line with our compliance requirements and obligations under our Australian Financial Services Licence and the ‘Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006’. Our Compliance team will contact you if they need clarification on your application. You will receive an email when your AML check is complete.

To be able to provide the financial services that we offer, and to fulfil the requirements with our Australian Financial Services Licence, we must verify your identification. We check your identity in order to comply with ‘The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006’.

Due to this legislation, you need to provide us with valid identification such as an Australian driver licence or an Australian passport.

Account Management

Simply launch the app and tap “Forgot password?”, which is located beneath the pink sign up button. Then, enter your mobile number in the space provided and tap “send”.

We’ll send you a password reset link to your email address that is linked to your Jaaims account. Follow the prompts and you’ll be able to reset your password.

If you need assistance, call us on (02) 7908 0292 or send an email to support@jaaimsapp.com and our team will support you between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

If you do not receive a reset password email, either your email address has changed, you have entered it incorrectly, or your email has not been verified.

To rectify this, please contact Client Services & Support  on (02) 7908 0292 or email at support@jaaimsapp.com and we’ll get this fixed for you.

In the Menu tab press “Profile”. Here you can remove or edit your email address. Press “Update”.

For security purposes, we will send you an email asking you to verify your email address. Simply press “verify password” to complete this process.

Tap the “Menu” tab, which is located on the bottom right corner of the Jaaims mobile application. Tap “Profile” to open the profile page. In the mobile number fields you can add your mobile number.

For security reasons, we will send you an SMS text message asking you to verify your mobile number. Complete this step and you’re all set.

To change your current plan, you can do this in the menu section of the app, contact Client Services & Support, or start a live chat using the “live chat” button in the app.

The upgrade/downgrade will commence immediately, and your credit card will be charged pro-rata the difference.

After your 14 day free trial on our Professional plan, your subscription will move to our free Freemium plan. In this mode you can trade up to 25 equities at once and up to $100,000 in funds.

Upgrade at any time within the app or by contacting Client Services & Support .

You can close your account directly within the app’s menu section.

Broker Management

Our current broker connections are: Interactive Brokers and Saxo Markets.

Broker details and their fees are detailed within the Jaaims app.

For further support, contact Client Services & Support  via phone or email.

Connection varies depending on your chosen broker.
Once you have set up your broker account, the connection time to Jaaims is:

– instantly with Saxo Markets; and
– 24-72 hours with Interactive Brokers.

We have created a timer on the Jaaims dashboard for the broker connection.

Some brokers require you to initiate the connection within their applications, while others are managed behind the scenes between us and the broker. You will be notified by email if you are required to initiate the connection.

Because Jaaims doesn’t hold any funds, you will need to fund your account through your chosen broker.

Saxo Markets offers a number of ways for you to fund your account. To find the best solution for you, please read more here. 

Interactive Broker (IB) uses a number of flexible and convenient methods for funding your account, simply login to IB, locate ‘Funding’ and follow the prompts. As a payment reference you need to add you user ID / your full name in this format eg., U123456 / John Smith.

Yes you can, however you need to complete a POA (power of attorney) form first. You can download this here and send directly to our team at support@jaaimsapp.com

Yes you can.

Yes, you can. However, adding and changing your broker takes time and we do not recommend changing brokers during your trial period. You must also close all trades prior to changing your broker.

To change brokers, open the “Menu” tab and select “Broker details”.

You can use Jaaims without a broker for our recommendations, use our indicators and set alerts, however, automated trading features of Jaaims will not be available without a broker connected.

At present, only one broker can be connected to Jaaims at any one time.

Yes, you can connect a Saxo demo account to Jaaims. This demo account has a 20 day expiration.

As part of our service offering, we offer a full support service to assist you with setting up a broker account. We call it Broker Concierge service and is available for customers who may not wish to self-serve through the Jaaims app and have our team collate the documentation and liaise with the broker easing the sometimes difficult process of account set up.

To set up an appointment with our Broker Concierge service, please book a meeting with us here.

Subscriptions and Payments

You do not need to enter any payment information to trial Jaaims or to use the Freemium plan.

To change your current plan you can do this in the menu section of the application or contact Client Services & Support or start a live chat using the “live chat” button in the app.

The upgrade/downgrade will commence immediately, and your credit card will be charged pro-rata the difference. If you have paid via direct deposit please contact Client Services & Support  so that they can process the invoice.

Yes you can.

Please contact Client Services & Support  to issue the invoice and supply payment details.

Yes you can. Annual subscriptions are discounted when paid upfront. Choosing one of our annual subscription plans allows you to set up your automated trading and let Jaaims do the hard work.

Yes we can.

If you wish to trade more than $600,000 (our Professional subscription), you can add a Plus Pack to a Standard or Professional subscription plan.

The Plus Pack must be renewed every 12-months to be maintained

Annual cost: $1,100


    • Priority execution and dedicated one-to-one server setup
    • Assigned a dedicated account manager and priority support
    • Exclusive access to Jaaims events and educational forums
    • Trade up to $10,000,000 in funds
    • 12-month Sharesight Investor Subscription (Valued at $372)

To change your credit card details in the mobile application, simply tap the menu tab and press “Payment”. Here you can remove or edit your credit card details. Press “Update” when you’re done.

If you sign up to Jaaims through the Apple store you can manage these in your subscriptions area.

Apple refunds

Owing to Apple store policies we can not request refunds on behalf of our customers. The refund has to be requested by the customer through the Apple Store directly. To request this refund, please follow the below instructions:

How to request a refund through the Apple Store

  1. Go to reportaproblem.apple.com.
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  3. If you see the “Report” or “Report a Problem” button next to the item that you want to request a refund for, click it.
  4. Follow the instructions on the page to choose the reason why you want a refund and submit your request.

Setting up your Jaaims account

Each of Jaaims’ subscriptions offers customers a unique number of equities/stocks as listed below.

Freemium: 25 stocks/equities
Standard: 50 stocks/equities
Professional: 80 stocks/equities*

*If a Professional user activates the Smart Portfolio then the number of stocks is unlimited (using all 1,000 equities available on Jaaims).

Jaaims determines the available funds in your broker account, then uses your fund allocation percentage that you set and then determines the total amount of funds available to place for trading. The size of each trade is nominated by you so you can decide whether to have a highly diversified or more concentrated portfolio.

All this is done within seconds and you don’t have to do a thing!​

You can change the amount you allow Jaaims to trade with at any time by going to the “Trading” tab, changing the funds allocation using the slider and then clicking update. Jaaims will then open new trades within this allocation.

The Jaaims app offers some great features and your demo account is the ideal place to try these. These include our ESG filters and Diversification tools.

To try these you may like to use the following settings:
·       Countries: All (Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and United States)
·       Sectors: All (No inputs required to have all sectors)
·       ESG Exclusions: Exclude “Coal”
·       Funds Allocation: 100%
·       Pre-approval: Off
·       Position Size: $5,000
·       Diversification: Yes with the following options:
12.5% iShares Core Composite Bond ETF
12.5% Vanguard MSCI Index International Shares (Hedged) ETF
12.5% Vanguard AU Property ETF

Jaaims uses three types of technical analysis: fundamental, technical and sentiment. The Jaaims artificial intelligence engine uses this technical analysis every 15 minutes to derive buy and sell recommendations.

We have direct licensing agreements with each exchange (such as NASDAQ, NYSE, ASX, and more) to access pricing and securities related information. This allows Jaaims to access this data in real-time meaning this data is analysed as we receive it and our recommendations (if any) are updated accordingly.

We access market moving news and other financial data from various news and information sites (including Bloomberg, New York Times, Reuters, and many more), which feed our sentiment analysis.

Yes you can. You are always in control, however, we recommend that our customers allow Jaaims to complete the buying and selling cycle.

You can override Jaaims’ decision by either closing the trade in the Jaaims app, removing the stock from your portfolio, or by closing the trade within your broker account.

Finally, you can stop Jaaims from trading altogether in the “Menu” tab by moving the “Trade Allocation Percentage” to 0%.​

Profit and loss values update every 15 minutes in the Jaaims application.

Jaaims only opens trades once an opportunity arises. This means that currently even if an equity has a status as Long or Short it will not open once placed into your portfolio as the original opportunity has since passed.

We are here to support your investing journey, so please contact Client Services & Support if you would like more information.

When calculating profit results, Jaaims does not take into account your broker fees as customer fees vary depending on trade volume. Please see your broker for more details.

As you can place your own trades with your broker, Jaaims can only identify the trade it makes. So, we can only present profit values for the trades that Jaaims makes.​

Yes. In the “Trading” section you can switch on pre-approval. You will receive an SMS text message in which you need to approve within 90 minutes. If you do not approve a trade before 90 minutes, then the trade opportunity is lost.

Yes. In the “Trading” section of the app you can turn off automated trading and also turn it on at any time.

Yes you can. You will need to connect this via one of our brokers that we connect with.

Alongside the equity names are a bell icon (represents the Trade Predictor) and a rocket icon (represents the Hyper Rating) and a lightning strike (represents the Power Rating). These predictive indicators have been developed to assist you in creating a high performing portfolio.

The Jaaims Power Rating is a confidence indicator for when Jaaims has a high amount of confidence in particular equity/stocks’ prospects for profit in the near future. However, this isn’t guaranteed.

A Hyper Rating is an indicator which identifies if a stock is undervalued compared to its peers.

A Trade Predictor is a predictive indicator demonstrating a high probability that a Jaaims recommendation will change from “hold” to “long” or “short” within the next 48 hours.

We also have the bullseye icon, available to Professional subscribers only.

The algorithms will generate a trade predictor when the majority of open trade conditions are being met.

Your homepage/dashboard will update upon refreshing the application.

We have now replaced the old Model Portfolio with six new portfolios containing 50 equities with each portfolio configured at the time of activation by you. Portfolio options include:

Growth Portfolio
This growth portfolio contains the top 50 performing growth stocks determined by Jaaims. These stocks are selected from the Australian and US markets. Growth stocks are stocks that have capital appreciation as its primary goal, with little or no dividend payouts.

Income Portfolio
This diversified portfolio contains the top 50  performing income stocks determined by Jaaims. These stocks are selected from the Australian and United States markets. Income stocks are stocks which focus on strong fundamentals and dividend yields
Balanced Portfolio
This diversified portfolio contains a mix of the top 50 income and growth stocks as determined by Jaaims. These stocks are selected from the Australian and United States markets.
ESG Top Performers Portfolio
This diversified portfolio contains a mix of the top 50 ESG performers using the ESG Performance Rating available in the app. These stocks are selected using all markets.
Australia Top 50
This portfolio contains the top 50 traded ASX200 stocks by market capitalisation at the time the portfolio is activated or refreshed
US Top 50
This portfolio contains the top 50 traded US stocks by market capitalisation at the time the portfolio is activated or refreshed.

Smart Portfolio enables you to set stock selection and trade parameters on the entire list of equities we analyse enabling you to have the entire range of equities in your portfolio. This means Jaaims can open unlimited positions at any one time. Smart Portfolio replaces all stocks in your current portfolio.

Yes you can. Using Jaaims’ diversification tools you can diversify your portfolio by trading ten ETFs:

  • BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (ASX: CRYP)
  • iShares ASX 200 ETF (ASX:IOZ)
  • iShares US S&P 500 ETF (ASX:IHVV)
  • iShares MSCI World ETF (ASX:IHL)
  • iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (ASX:IEM)
  • Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield ETF (ASX:VHY)
  • iShares AU Treasury ETF (ASX:IGB)
  • iShares AU Corporate Bond ETF (ASX:IAF)
  • iShares Global Corporate Bond ETF (ASX:IHCB)
  • Vanguard AU Property ETF (ASX:VAP)

Diversification tools using ETFs are only available to Standard and Professional customers.

No. Cryptocurrency is not yet included in the app however you can add the BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (ASX: CRYP) using our diversification tools.

Jaaims’ performance results are published quarterly. View the Jaaims trading results at any time on the investing page.

To ensure that you are ready for trading you must have a trading account connected and a portfolio selected (either a custom portfolio, a Model Portfolio or the Smart Portfolio).

You can easily view the status of your account and next tasks to complete via the Profile Status tab.

Jaaims’ AI is analysing the market 24/7 but may not detect a buying opportunity as soon as you select and activate a portfolio. When Jaaims dictates the necessary time to purchase a stock it will do so. 

If you believe there is a problem with your trading account connection, you can see your status via the Broker management tab, or do not hesitate to contact Client Services & Support at 02 7908 0292 for further information regarding the broker’s connection.

The number of trades that Jaaims typically places during a month varies. This is because the market is constantly changing. The Jaaims system will adapt and go either Bullish or Bearish on markets, which will impact its average trades per month figures.

No. That is why it is important to choose the right broker for your trading needs.

You will find more about brokerage fees on our investing page under our Smart Portfolio methodology.

There is no minimum needed to get started. However you should be aware that the costs you pay will have an affect on your performance after fees. In particular, your broker will have a minimum brokerage per trade, so if your trade sizes are too small this can have a big impact. Generally minimum brokerage applies to trades under ~$8,000 but this will depend on your broker and which market you trade.

No, Jaaims is long only at the moment, however the team is looking at introducing short trades in the future with specific brokers.

No. Jaaims can only buy and sell equities. We do not trade with leveraged products such as CFDs. We do this to protect our customers from leverage risks.

Why is Jaaims different?

You might have seen promotions for share trading strategies that make big promises but rarely deliver. They rely on day trading or making multiple trades on the same day and hoping to capture small price changes. Typically these strategies focus on ‘penny stocks’ – companies with a low share price where a small movement is actually quite a big percentage. A risky proposition.

Jaaims is a very different investment tool and offers are some key advantages, particularly relating to managing risk:

  1. Jaaims doesn’t trade intra-day. It is looking for longer term trends and positions will typically be held for 5-60 days, with an average more like 15-20 days.
  2. Day trading strategies tend to be static – that is they don’t change or adapt. That means once others work out the strategy you are using they might seek to take advantage of it and make the strategy less effective. Jaaims utilises Artificial Intelligence (AI) which takes advantage of machine learning. That means the algorithm is constantly learning and evolving, so it has the smarts to stay ahead of the pack.
  3. Rather than trading risky ‘penny stocks’ Jaaims is focussed on the big end of town. This means high trading volumes and strong liquidity, which help to manage risk. Our AI is all about analysis and for smaller companies there is little information to rely on. So we are only making recommendations for the biggest and best companies where there is enough information to make a sensible rating.
  4. You choose the stocks. Don’t like coal mining or oil? Exclude those stocks. It is up to you. Whether you want to just trade a list of your favourites or pick every stock in a market using our Smart Portfolio you are in control.

Yes and no. You should be aware that Jaaims is designed to make you money through long only trading opportunities. That is, buy low and sell high. So if every stock in the market goes down then Jaaims won’t be able to make a successful trade. It is often the case though that whilst the market on average declines, certain stocks or sectors still go up. Take the recent COVID-19 crisis for example. Whilst this initially caused large declines in world share markets, stocks like Netflix, Woolworths, CSL and Zoom still had gains as they actually benefited from the situation. You had to make some quick decisions though.

It is often a similar story when the share markets move sideways – whilst parts of the market decline there can still be opportunities. The trick is to have the right tool to analyse information and make decisions quickly. This is where we think Jaaims can give you the edge with ratings updated every 15 minutes. So if the world is changing every day, no problem, you can still keep up.

Many investors like the simplicity and low cost of an ETF or index fund. Jaaims is very different as it is primarily a tool to help with market timing.

Market timing can be a key risk for an ETF or index fund as you are 100% invested. So the decision about whether being fully invested is a good or bad idea at the time lies with you. Jaaims offers active portfolio management and will only lodge trades where it sees opportunities. There may be times when the AI thinks share markets are overvalued and there are few opportunities. At these times more cash will be held. When there are plenty of opportunities more cash will be deployed. We think this will help to manage risk in your portfolio and offer an efficient return.

Hedge funds often claim to be able to manage risk and offer an efficient return. But how do they achieve this? Very often it is by using complex derivatives and/or leverage. Whilst these tools might remove some risks from a portfolio they can also introduce additional risks. Have you ever heard the advice that you shouldn’t invest in something you don’t understand?

Jaaims tries to keep it simple and offers a different way to manage risk. Our AI can only form a view on leading stocks where there is enough information available to form a rating. So in its own way it will only invest in stocks that it understands. Rather than using fancy tricks to manage risk we take a simple approach. When there are few opportunities, more of your portfolio remains in cash. When there are more opportunities, more cash is invested. It makes sense to use a strategy you can understand!

Jaaims is designed to offer you the ultimate in freedom and flexibility to allow you to design a portfolio to best meet your needs. There are some settings, beyond simply the shares you choose to follow, that may affect your performance. These include:

  1. Portfolio size. Costs are important as what ends up in your pocket is your return after the costs to generate that return. Jaaims has fixed fees so you know exactly what you are getting. That also means if you investment more you don’t pay additional fees, so a higher investment amount will mean subscription costs have less impact in terms of your percentage return.
  2. Broker choice. Each broker has different brokerage costs as well as other charges such as foreign currency conversion. Usually a broker will have a minimum brokerage cost per trade and to optimise your performance, it is a good idea to make sure you intend to make trades at least the size that attracts the minimum brokerage. For example, if the broker charges 0.10% (minimum $10) for a trade it means you pay $10 for a $5,000 or $10 for a $10,000 trade. Because 0.10% of $5,000 is only $5, you will still pay the minimum of $10 for the trade. But that is actually 0.20% in order to meet the minimum brokerage. In this case you will get the best results by making sure your trades sizes are at least $10,000.
  3. Foreign Currency Conversion. It is a good idea to take note of the foreign currency conversion fees if you are going to trade in US, UK or German markets. Some brokers may allow you to open a foreign currency account also which will help you minimise currency conversion costs. As an example, if your portfolio is likely to have 70% exposure to US stocks, you might consider keeping 70% of your available cash in a US dollar account so foreign exchange conversion is less frequent, saving you money. Feel free to reach out and ask us how this works, we’re happy to help.
  4. Position sizes. If your position sizes are too small you might end up paying too much brokerage, particularly if you don’t meet the broker’s minimum trade size (see above under ‘Broker choice’). It is important though not to have too few positions either as managing risk is also important, so it can be a balancing act. Generally, we believe that having a position size allowing for at least 10 to 12 positions to be open at once is a sensible way to manage risk. So for example, if you have $100,000 to invest, you might want a position size of $10,000 (i.e., $100,000 / 10).
  5. Stock selection. The number of stocks in your portfolio or what list is your ‘opportunity set’. With only a small number of stocks you might not find Jaaims trades very often as the opportunity set is limited. Our Smart Portfolio offering allows you to select all stocks in a particular market or even all stocks that Jaaims analyses. This gives you the biggest opportunity set and means there are more likely to be attractive trades at any particular time. Investing is very much a numbers game – no one gets every decision right, not even our amazing AI, so the aim is to get most trades right. This means if you have more trades and opportunities over time you are in the best position to get more consistent returns.

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