Market outlook: Memes aren’t just for the LOLs

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One of the most common memes in the financial community goes something like this:

Text: Trading isn’t stressful at all. That text is typically overlaid on an image of an elderly person. That individual, the meme informs us, is merely in their twenties.

Jokes are of course less funny when you explain them like that, but the point remains the same: trading and investing is a stressful business.

Scientists have found that elevated stress levels can actually accelerate the ageing process.

To counter that, one option might be to simply not trade or invest at all. Leave it for the Wall Street hot-shots and kids on Reddit spruiking the next ‘meme stock’. But, as many have also pointed out, choosing not to invest can be an equally costly decision, potentially seeing investors miss out on significant long-term gains.

Despite all this and as we’ve complained recently — not much is happening in the markets right now.

This week we do have a few big earnings reports: Oracle and Adobe.

Using the Adobe Q2 as an example, analysts on average are predicting the software giant will report revenue of $3.73 billion against earnings (EPS) of $2.81 per share, according to Yahoo Finance. Those estimates are nothing special: they imply flat growth quarter-over-quarter. Though it should be noted that expectations for Adobe are elevated, the stock trades at ~47x earnings, making it pricier than many of the FAANGs.

Now, let’s say you wanted to trade Adobe: Do you make a bet on the basis of what analysts are saying? Of course, if that was such a sure-fire option, your first question is probably: ‘Why isn’t everyone else just doing this?’

Or do you listen to yourself? Use your own analysis, research and insights.

And then once you’ve conquered those quandaries, you are still left with questions around position sizing, risk management, which instrument to employ, and tax considerations, ect, ect.

Or, you could forget about all of that…

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