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It's like having 1,000 analysts in your pocket managing your portfolio.

Using the power of artificial intelligence Jaaims analyses over 250 different news, financial data and social media sources in real-time updating its stock recommendations every 15 minutes. No need to spend hours analysing markets, we do it all for you..... We even do the buying and selling.

Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
Covering 250+ stocks

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Covering 400+ stocks 


Covering 200+ stocks

London Stock Exchange (LSE)

Covering 150+ stocks


Frankfurt Stock Exchange (XETRA) 

Covering 30+ stocks

We analyse the worlds biggest markets

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Smart portfolio in 2020
recommendations per month on average
average return per successful trade in the smart portfolio

Improve your investing performance with
our powerful indicators

Pro Indicator  - indicates that the equity is highly rated by the algorithm. This indicator is only available to Professional customers.

Trade Predictor indicates that there is a high probability in the next 48 hours that a Jaaims recommendation for a stock will change from "Hold" to "Long"/"Short".

Hyper Rating indicates that Jaaims' success rate (% of winning trades) for a particular stock is greater than 80%.

Power Rating is when Jaaims has identified a power trading opportunity as Jaaims has a bullish view on a particular stock.

Automated trade execution with our Broker partners

Our mobile application connects with your online Broker to provide real-time trade execution (buy and sell) so you capitalise on every recommendation. We calculate the optimal position size too.

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Jaaims is an automated online trading application that analyses, predicts and makes calculated trades on your behalf on shares you choose to trade. By using a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm, Jaaims automatically buys and sells shares removing the emotion associated of making trading decisions yourself.

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