AI makes sense of Euro area woes

The European economy remains fragile as Credit Default Swaps once again raise their ugly head – but Jaaims has been on the case for several months.

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Avoiding the (corporate) zombie apocalypse

Halloween is upon us. But for investors, zombie companies are no trick – and they’re certainly not a treat.

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US earnings season: Fodder for bulls but bears still prowling

It takes the power of AI to cut through the clutter of a US earnings season that is raising as many questions as it answers.

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Creative accounting no match for AI

After releasing its June quarter earnings results, the Atlassian’s stock jumped 16%. But is the rise justified?

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Jaaims gears up for reporting season action

The weeks ahead will be critical for investors – and the upcoming reporting season will see Jaaims showcase the power of AI.

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The blockchain myth versus reality

If consensus ruled we wouldn’t have contrarians – and history may show that today’s crypto naysayers simply don’t see the full picture.

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