The Week Ahead: US Bank Earnings Preview

Covid smacked US banks in 2020 and banks made billions in loan provisions in response.

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Trend Watch: $3 Billion Dollar Donuts

Consistent themes of the last two years has been a white hot IPO market.

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Trend Watch: Peter Thiel’s $5 Billion War Chest

In the US there are a variety of retirement plans that individuals can take advantage of.

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Market Outlook: What the Fed

The US Federal Reserve last Wednesday made a number of important announcements.

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Market outlook: Memes aren’t just for the LOLs

One of the most common memes: Trading isn’t stressful at all. That text is typically overlaid on an image of an elderly person.

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The week ahead: Are you as bored as we are?

The week ahead: The ASX 200 is trading around all-time highs, so that’s something.

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