Canstar: Algorithmic Trading in Australia: The Pros and Cons

Virtually every industry has been affected by Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and robotics in some way or another. Read more about the pros and cons here.

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The Australian: AI beats humans at investing

The Australian spoke with Tui Eruera, Founder and CEO of Jaaims about how Artificial intelligence will beat the human brain when trading stocks.

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Money Magazine: How inflation can be an investor’s friend

Interest rates are rising, and inflation is sitting at 5.1% – the highest it’s been for many years. It’s a cue for investors to change tack.

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Money Magazine: Why are we so risk averse when it comes to technology?

People are often wary of embracing technology as a means of investing. Is it an accessibility issue or are we less adventurous than we think?

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Money Magazine: Has the impact of immigration been overlooked?

Jaaims CEO and Founder, Tui Eruera, says that when “When immigration hits full tilt, it has the potential to drive both shares and property values higher.”

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Money Magazine: Technologies to reduce human error in investing

Technology may be changing the way we manage our money. But it doesn’t always change our money mindset. But tech innovations – including artificial intelligence (AI), are helping us overcome the emotional side of investing to make better decisions.

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