Qantas: AI will beat humans at investing

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 Artificial intelligence will beat the human brain when selecting stocks. That’s the claim of Australian firm Jaaims which has offered full AI stock investing since 2020. 

Founder and CEO of Jaaims, Tui Eruera, shares how the company’s AI technology is revolutionising the investing landscape and offering an alternative strategy for stock market investors. 

For those not across the technology, can you explain how AI works? 

In its simplest form, we have created large predictive models for each stock we analyse, and we feed them with new data every day to update our buy, sell, and hold ratings. They are very complex structures, but the basis of these models is that they will continually improve over time, learning from each decision or rating they make. We also utilise similar models in trade execution, as our technology not only derives the rating, but trades the rating on your behalf using your preferred broker. 

What type of investor would benefit from this technology? 

Our technology is geared towards stock investors who want an alternative to an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). As a client of Jaaims, you can create a basket of stocks that you wish to have exposure to, and our technology will actively trade these baskets for you. The most common baskets our clients use are the ASX200 and S&P500. 

The majority of our clients are Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs), as our technology enables investors to scale their capital exposure up and down quickly, so they have the flexibility to invest in different asset classes as new opportunities arise. Although we have a large client base of SMSFs, our technology is really suited to anyone who wants to invest in the stock market. 

We’ve all seen the Hollywood movies where AI technology goes rogue… is there any risk of this occurring with Jaaims? 

This question comes up a lot. AI is the next big technological shift since the launch of the internet and there is a lot of unknowns about the future impact it will have on society. The way we utilise AI at Jaaims is to essentially speed up the analysis process and derive ratings free from cognitive bias. We are not a chat GPT type of company, we use AI in a targeted way where the risk of a negative event is very minimal. 

How has Jaaims performed since inception? 

Jaaims has performed strongly over the last three years, recording an annualised return of 13.57%*. It is important to note that results vary depending on the time you start and the investing parameters you set. 

What advice would you have for investors in this current investing climate? 

We are now investing in a high inflation and high interest rate environment, which we haven’t seen for decades. What worked in the past might not work in the future and I feel it’s important to have an active and nimble investment strategy that allows you to pivot easily as conditions change. Jaaims ticks all these boxes, so, without being too biased, we should definitely be considered as part of your investing strategy, if we haven’t already. 

Jaaims offers its services through a monthly subscription service starting from $18 per month, which increases depending on the total funds under advice. Terms and conditions apply. 

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