Money Magazine: Technologies to reduce human error in investing

Technology may be changing the way we manage our money. But it doesn’t always change our money mindset. But tech innovations – including artificial intelligence (AI), are helping us overcome the emotional side of investing to make better decisions.

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Money Magazine: Five FAQs around technology in investing

Jaaims CEO and Founder, Tui Eruera, answers five frequently asked questions around the impact of technology in investing.

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Financial Standard: Active versus Passive Investing

Tui Eruera recently joined Financial Standard to talk more about active versus passive investing and how Jaaims uses an active strategy. Watch it here.

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AusBiz: The future of investing

Tui Eruera recently joined AusBiz for a three-video series to talk about the future of investing, the ETFs to look out for, and ESG investing.

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Canstar: AI Trading: What Is It & How Is It Used?

Stock picking is tricky, even the experienced trader doesn’t always get it right, that’s where AI technology can help.

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Money Magazine: Greenwashing: Sorting the spin from the science

Tui Eruera talks about how ESG is measured and what you can do to identify greenwashing.

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