Mitigating Risk


Our technology was built to mitigate risk and risk management continues to be at the core of our technology. We have developed a series of risk mitigation strategies to ensure all investments remain secure under our purview.

Real-time market risk analysis

Our technology is always on which enables us to understand market conditions and risks in real-time ensuring we make informed data decisions on your behalf.

Active rebalancing

Our sector rotation technology ensures you are never over or underweight in any one sector at any time. This ensures your portfolio remains ready to capitalise on investing opportunities whilst remaining diversified.

Lowering portfolio volatility

Our AI technology analyses macro and micro economic factors in real-time to ensure capital is deployed in proportion to market volatility.

AI management

We have significant 24/7 controls around our AI technology to ensure it operates within our preset parameters. We operate a series of online and offline protocols daily including substantial stress and market volatility scenario testing.

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