What’s new in Jaaims 2.0?


The combination of three years of learnings and innovation comes together to create Jaaims 2.0, the next generation of our market leading AI investing app. Delivering not just what you need but what you desire.

Jaaims 2.0 delivers a revitalised and completely new intuitive design with more functionality, data feeds and customisation for all of your investing needs.

Getting started

  • A new trading dashboard with a graph, market indicators and customisable news insights
  • Increased equity allowance and fund sizes
  • In app Broker fee comparison section for all connected Brokers.
  • Tasks to help you set up your app correctly
  • New pricing and plan options

Integrated News Feeds

Stay up to date with the latest news, opinion and analysis pieces on your favourite stocks.

Filter by region and customise what you see. Plus, gain access to our research pieces conducted by our in-house analysts.

Fundamentals by Jaaims

Our most exciting update to date, Fundamentals by Jaaims, the most comprehensive source of stock data all from the palm of your hand!

Log into Jaaims and access research on your favourite stock such as:

  • Historic price data of stocks since inception and daily price statistics
  • Key valuation metrics such as EPS, PEG, PE and other valuation ratios
  • Last reporting year financials
  • Insider and short share statistics
  • Detailed ESG analysis including performance indicators
  • Key personnel and shareholder information.

ESG Investing with Jaaims

  • ESG scores in relation to Social, Environmental and Governance scores
  • ESG performance summary – Underperformance, Average Performance and Over performance
  • Identification of key risk industries like the production of Palm Oil, Coal and Weapons to name a few.

In the coming weeks, we will be modifying the Smart Portfolio too where you will be able to exclude stocks within industries that may not meet your ESG goals.

Also coming soon:

  • New portfolios
  • ETFs by Jaaims (Smart Portfolio only)
  • Create a watchlist
  • Combined Portfolios

Free trial changes

With Jaaims 2.0 you now receive a free 14 day trial on our Professional plan, granting access to our flag ship product, the Smart Portfolio.

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