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Published on October 11, 2021


  • The introduction of technology in investing has opened new avenues for investors to trade with convenience.
  • Jaaims is an online trading application that utilises a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm to automatically buy and sell shares.
  • Jaaims offers various unique features that can help traders in analysising and making calculations on behalf of traders.

Technology has taken over a lot of aspects of everyday human life and business, the world of investing is no different. It has seen some major innovations, adding value to the trading process while offering convenience to investors. Modern-day trading platforms have made investing easier by providing services that were earlier available only to a select few with deep pockets.

Here, we introduce an innovative trading platform that uses contemporary technologies to keep you ahead of the curve and invest like a pro.

AI-powered Jaaims platform

Automated online trading application Jaaims is a revolutionary, innovative solution that is packed with multiple investing tools to help you invest like a pro.

A unique feature of Jaaims is that it analyses, predicts and makes calculated trades on behalf of the investor on the shares of the user’s choice. This unique platform makes use of a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm, which enables Jaaims to automatically buy and sell shares eliminating the associated risk of emotions while making trading decisions.

Users have access to trade more than 1000 global stocks using Jaaims’ artificial intelligence algorithm, which simplifies stock selection and trade execution.

On top of this, users can also keep up with the latest developments, news and analysis about their favourite stocks. Furthermore, users can have access to research undertaken by the in-house analysts of Jaaims.

Key features of Jaaims

Three key features packed with Jaaims include the following:


Jaaims is equipped to shield your investments in times of downturn and take advantage when the time is right through managing your investment risk, market timing and diversification.

Managed Portfolio

Jaaims provides targeted portfolios to meet the needs of the customers, including its flagship product, The Smart Portfolio. Jaaims offers the next-gen portfolio management where users have full control while maintaining their liquidity.

Broker Service

Jaaims helps its users to connect with a broker of their choice to automate trade execution aligning with users’ pre-set instructions and offering real-time buying and selling so that users can capitalise on every recommendation. Moreover, professional subscribers can have access to the complete service offering of Jaaims and are assigned a dedicated account manager.

Besides these, the Jaaims platform is packed with sophisticated and powerful trading indicators that predicts when the market is volatile, shows bullish momentum and when a stock seems to be undervalued.

With Jaaims, users do not need to work for hours in analysing markets and calculating valuations as Jaaims does it for its users every 15 minutes.

Bottom Line

Investing could seem to be a herculean task for many and call for lot of time, knowledge and effort. Jaaims’ revolutionary offering can help to ease the anxiety and emotional override while making investment decisions.

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Publish Date: October 11 2021

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