Startup Daily TV: AI-based trading app Jaaims makes automatic trades for investors in a hurry

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Jaaims is Australia’s first fully automated trading app which does the hard work for investors when it comes to analysing stocks and making calculated trades.

It connects to your broker account and uses an artificial intelligence (AI) trading algorithm analyse your chosen stocks and then automatically buy and sell.

Jaaims works on on more than 1,000 stocks globally in the Australian, UK, German and US markets.

Founder and CEO Tui Eruera developed Jaaims to help investors who are short on time to manage their share portfolio, and launched in May, with its own Australian Financial Services License. It took 20 months to build from prototype.

“This product is just what Australia needs right now as people are more conscious about money and investing for their future”

“Jaaims provides an opportunity for all investors from the first timer, SMSF to the sophisticated investor to utilise an advanced and highly automated piece of technology to support their investment goals.”

– Tui Eruera, Jaaims Founder and CEO

Jaaims automates the buying and selling of securities by applying recommendations within your own pre-set parameters and costs $49 a month.

Eruera said the price levels the playing field for everyday investors.

“This is a game changer for retail investors as this technology was typically only available to the large investment houses who have the financial resources available to develop and operate such sophisticated tech,” he said.

“We like to say it’s like having 1000 analysts in your pocket, managing your portfolio.”

– Tui Eruera, Jaaims Founder and CEO

Tui Eruera recently joined us on the Startup Daily show on ausbiz.com.au to tell us more about his startup and how it helps securities investors.

You can watch the interview below:

Meet Jaaims, your AI trading Buddy. Interview with Founder and CEO, Tui Eruera.

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