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Lately, we have been receiving many questions about Jaaims’ trading strategy, much of which we cannot share but the foundation of our strategy applies data analytic principals to different data sets to derive buy and sell recommendations. We also trigger our proprietary Active Portfolio Management Technology (APMT), which optimises position sizing, exit and entry strategies.

As a result, Jaaims is capable of demonstrating real-time trading results so you can see first-hand the returns. We provide two examples below:

· Afterpay (APT:ASX): Afterpay has attracted significant interest lately, with the share price up 48.2% since March 2020. However, Jaaims aims to protect investors downside, and after applying the proprietary strategy returned 39.9% over the same period. While the difference is not immaterial, our strategy allowed investors to lock in profits, which is important in the current volatile environment.

· Bega Cheese Limited (BGA:ASX) Bega’s share price declined 5.9% between May 15th to August 25th. However, Jaaims’ return for the same period after applying our proprietary technology BGA is +11.7% making two (2) trades over the period and delivered outperformance upside of +17.6% vs a loss of -5.9% if one had adapted a hold strategy.

We believe that these examples display the strength of Jaaims broader automated trading product offering. Jaaims was not designed to pick the top or the bottom of a share price rally, but continually assess data sources for trading opportunities to maximise your returns. This means investors no longer need to worry about sudden market moves that may cost precious basis points of return.

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