Kalkine Media: What sets Jaaims apart from other trading platforms?

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Publish date: October 15 2021


  • Modern-day trading has evolved a lot with a plethora of innovative tools available for assisting traders.
  • Jaaims offers unique features powered by an AI algorithm to help users with trading decisions.
  • Jaaims allows users to have full control over investments while allowing the app to do the work according to their preferences.

Stock trading has evolved significantly over recent times with the emergence of technology.

Making trades has become faster and more controlled as traders are just clicks and taps away from making decisions on the go.  

The power of AI

As technology progresses, innovations continue to add to traders’ convenience, offering significant value addition in the process. Modern-day platforms and applications are becoming a one-stop-shop for all the needs of traders.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being used to assist with various aspects of the trading process, starting from financial analysis and interpretation to business valuation.

AI is playing a key role in identifying opportunities while undertaking risk identification and overcoming the challenges.

Jaaims’ AI capabilities

Jaaims  is an Australia-based tech company which offers a revolutionary platform, powered by AI. The tech-enabled platform allows individual investors to take control of their trades without worrying about information overload or risk associated with emotions.

Jaaims utilises a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm for analysing, predicting and making calculated trades on behalf of an individual trader.

The Jaaims application is loaded with unique features which make it stand out in the market.

Salient features of Jaaims  

  • Jaaims is powered by AI, which helps in automatically buying and selling shares through identifying opportunities. Therefore, it eliminates the risk of emotions which comes into play while making trading decisions.
  • Analysing stocks can be a tedious task for individual traders. Jaaims ensures speedy analysis of data by analysing a single stock in 73 seconds based on real-time data every 15 minutes.
  • Jaaims comes with a robo-adviser and manages investment risk, market timing and diversification while protecting users’ investments in times of high volatility.
  • Users can trade risk-free with Jaaims as they can use the demo mode of Jaaims, where they do not have to risk their real money for trading.
  • Users can have control over their trades by customising Jaaims to invest according to their preferences and scaling up or down their investment funds at any time.
  • Jaaims allows users to stay up to date with the latest global news feeds, opinion and analysis reports as per geographies or other preferences. Jaaims also offers its users access to research pieces that are developed by its in-house analysts.
  • Users can trade from over 1000 global stocks using the intelligent AI algorithm, which helps in simplifying stock selection and executing a trade.
  • The sophisticated trading indicators offered by Jaaims help the users in improving their investing performance by predicting market volatility, bullish momentum and undervalued stocks.
  • Jaaims helps users to connect with their preferred broker service while automating trade execution. Professional subscribers can have access to Jaaims’ complete service offering and are assigned a committed account manager as well.
  • Jaaims offers targeted portfolios to customers as per their needs – including its flagship product, The Smart Portfolio. Additionally, Jaaims offers the next generation of portfolio management, allowing users to have full control while retaining liquidity.

Bottom Line

With an increasing number of millennials turning to trading, innovative tools which assist in the process are gaining traction. Moreover, it can be challenging to eliminate the emotions-based risks while trading in stocks. The above-highlighted features of Jaaims can help users to get through the trading game while worrying less about the tedious work.

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