Jaaims’ Commitment to Climate Change


Debates continue around the reality of climate change and have done so for years. At Jaaims we have compiled some elements that we are committing to companywide to decrease our footprint and to assist in the slowing of climate change.

1 – We will ensure that where is not necessary, we will not travel. When it is necessary, we will offset our travel, not just the flight, the end to end journey.

2 – Were is not necessary we will not print, saving trees.

3 – Where it is possible, we will source products locally. If we are not able to source our requirements locally, we will again, offset the emissions that have incurred to source these products.

4 – When we hold events, we will aim to hold carbon neutral events and source products locally. For example, Australian events will be 100% Australian sourced and produced.

5 – In supporting our home territory, we will aim to hold one offsite meeting/corporate event in a bush/fire/disaster affected areas annually. As we grow this will be implemented globally, each holding events in regional or climate affected areas local to the relevant office.

As we grow as a company, we will continue to add more elements to our commitment to climate change. If you have any questions regarding this statement, please contact us.

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