Kalkine Media: How to know if your money is ethically invested by a company?

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November 26, 2021

ESG noncompliance has often turned out to be a blind spot for investors. Many investors and organisations have now started giving higher weightage to screening companies based on ESG track record. It is observed that companies that are not meeting ESG compliance are penalised by the market, and such companies trade at a lesser valuation multiples.

Gathering such information about a company can be a little tedious for the investors and therefore can use platforms that can perform all the information gathering and comprehend the same for easy understanding.

Jaaims provides you with ESG investing tools

The automated trading platform, Jaaims, is a first to the market application that enables investors to leverage artificial intelligence capabilities and algorithmic technology while allowing users to choose from 1,000+ equities from major global markets.

Jaaims has introduced ESG investing tools in the latest Jaaims 2.0 version of the application. Interestingly, Using Fundamentals by Jaaims, the available data by equity has increased 800%. Part of this data is ESG risk ratings.

Building Smart Portfolio

Jaaims Users can easily access a company’s ESG related information through Jaaims ESG tools and gauge if the company is meeting ESG expectations. Moreover, users can also check a company’s ESG performance score and filter out the sin stocks to ensure their money stays ethically invested.

Jaaims’ subscription plans, including Freemium through to Professional, can help in building a portfolio from 25 to 80 equities as per the needs of the investor.

Users can log in to the Jaaims app and go to “Fundamentals by Jaaims” in the research tab, then go to the “Sustainability” tab and review the ESG risk ratings of a company. Along with this, Jaaims also shows risk activities that are believed to significantly help in building an ethical portfolio.

Further, users can also automatically eliminate companies that are engaged in risky activities that do not align with the users’ investing objectives through the Smart Portfolio settings.

Speedy analysis with Jaaims

Analysing a stock can take hours for a person to manually do it. However, Jaaims saves a lot of time for its users as it can analyse a single stock in 73 seconds with real-time data every 15 minutes. Through AI, Jaaims analyses more than 10 million pieces of data every day, using more than 250 distinct data points to arrive at its stock recommendations.

Besides, users can have complete controls and customise Jaaims to invest in companies of their choice, scale up or down their investment funds at any time and cash out in minutes.

The sophisticated AI technology of Jaaims is loaded with trading indicators that help to enhance the users’ trading performance and predict volatility in the market, indicating bullish momentum, as well as undervalued stocks.

Bottom Line

Jaaims offers numerous value-adding features that can do wonders for its users. You can take advantage of the demo mode, eliminating the risk of trading with real money until you are ready to take the risk.

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