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Watch to hear Jaaims Founder & CEO, Tui Eruera talk about his vision and strategy behind the growth at Jaaims.

AI is shaping the future of investing. Using AI, robo-advisers analyse data points and execute trades at the optimal price, analysts predict markets with greater accuracy and trading firms effectively mitigate risk to provide for higher returns. Tui Eruera, Founder & CEO at Jaaims talks about the AI revolution in investing. Watch this exclusive interview for more insights!

Hear Jaaims Founder and CEO answer the below questions answered during the show:

How AI can help people grow their investments and protect their future?

AI comes the risk of cybersecurity. So, how can investors be ensured of safety while investing in the digital era?

For an investor who is a newbie to investing with AI, what suggestions would you give them for an optimum start?

Plans for expansion and innovation at Jaaims.

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You launched Jaaims during the testing times of 2020 after months of development. Today, it has been active in the Australian financial services industry with results of over 26% year to date, beating the market average. Great success in such a short span! Please talk about your strategy and vision behind such substantial growth? 

So, we started Jaaims with the vision of enabling this technology that has really only been available to the large investment houses for the retail investor for a fraction of the price a big focus on this was our mantra as we launched last year in July. We have a really great year and have been very pleased with the results.

I think one of the keys to our strategy is that we identified really early what our customers wanted and that was

  1. Liquidity with their investments
  2. Be able to manage risk, and;
  3. Save time

Because we are always busy with our full time jobs and our families so having a tool that can do all those things and managing your time was probably one of the keys to our success and then the results followed.

Our flagship product (Smart Portfolio) had a really great result. Our benchmark was 10% returns which we have obviously exceeded but was a different market compared to previous years. The algorithm definitely outperformed our expectations and we are very happy with our first year result.

Investment is the base of any market landscape; however, investment with the help of AI is relatively new. Being an expert in the field, we would love to know your insights on how AI can help people grow their investments and protect their future?

I think that the best way to start is to tell everyone how we [Jaaims] use[s] AI. We use AI in two ways:

The first way is to understand what we call unstructured data. Traditionally data has been structured but there is also insights to be made in say, interviews like you and I today, Holly but also audio. We use AI to make that unstructured data structured for us to then analyse.

The second way is to use AI to determine sentiment in the market and we do that by extracting or integrating around 10 million pieces of data each day from various news feeds and social media an our AI is able to analyse that data very quickly to derive buy and sell recommendations. This really highlights the power of AI. It’s the ability to ingest data and digest it really quickly and then make those decisions. Traditionally we have always had data but then we have to try and understand that data. With AI it does it for you and this is the key thing that is going to advance online investing for retail investors in the future.

We now understand that AI is like the third eye to investments for high returns. However, with AI comes the risk of cybersecurity. So, how can investors be ensured of safety while investing in the digital era?

That was one of the key aspects we had front and centre  when we designed Jaaims because we are in a technological world. Anything online does carry risk but we have tried to mitigate this risk. Through the Jaaims app there are various controls that our customers have that if they see any concern or risk they can actually just shut Jaaims down immediately, stop trading and protect their interests but we also have what we call, two points of control. Jaaims isn’t a broker so we integrate with your preferred broker. With that broker you also have their platform to help control Jaaims as well so you have two points of contact there to maintain your security.

The priorities are obviously, privacy and your funds so we work in partnership with our brokers so it is like having two people on your side protecting your interests.

We work with these broker partners to ensure that they are secure and if there are any cyber security threats we join our teams together to mitigate those risks.

For an investor who is a newbie to investing with AI, what suggestions would you give them for an optimum start?

I would have to recommend Jaaims. You can sign up online and a 14-day free trial. They can start the trial with us, just explore the app, no need to start trading. We have a lot of tutorials within the app to help you understand how the AI works plus we also have extensive learning materials on our website and we also publish a lot of documentation and reports on a weekly basis.

During that 14-day free trial you gain access to all of that information. Once comfortable you don’t have to go straight into live trading. We have demo account capabilities, where you can connect a demo account and use the various tools we have on the trading platform to start getting used to the AI component of the app. This way it is a good way for retail investors to test the water and see what it is all about.

It’s just a matter of time before we start to embrace these types of technologies in our investing future.

You are currently analysing the world’s biggest markets with the automated AI investing app. On that note, we would like to know your plans for expansion and innovation at Jaaims.

We are launching version 2 of Jaaims in early September. We designed Jaaims just over three years ago and it was really our prototype. Over the last six months we really dug deep about redefining the trading experience, and one of our Matras was “let’s create a tool of not just what you need but what you desire”. With Jaaims version 2, we have pushed the barriers of what is possible, what people need and people might not realise what they need as part of their investing process. We are really excited that this technology is launching, we think it is going to be the most sophisticated trading app in the market and its basically all of our learnings from the last three years.

Further we are launching in the UK in the first quarter of next year, it’s been challenging owing to Covid but we have a team working over there on this and we look forward to bringing and Australian Company, Jaaims to the UK and to then use this as a catalyst to further expand into Europe.

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