How can I use Jaaims’ ESG tools to build an ethical investment portfolio?


Are you concerned about the activities companies are involved in that you don’t know of? Are there activities you don’t want your money involved in? Using our ESG tools, you can see if companies are meeting their ESG expectations, their ESG performance score and filter out the ‘sin’ stocks so your money remains ethically invested.

As part of Jaaims 2.0 new features, Jaaims has introduced ESG investing tools. Using Fundamentals by Jaaims, our available data by equity has increased 800%. Part of this data is ESG risk ratings.

Build your own portfolio

Using all of our subscription plans, from Freemium through to Professional you can build a portfolio from 25 to 80 equities to suit your investing needs.

Using Fundamentals by Jaaims in the research tab, go to the “Sustainability” tab and review the ESG risk ratings together with risk activities we believe are important to help build an ethical portfolio (coal, animal testing, palm oil etc).

If you are unsure, you can always tap the area in question and our tool tips will pop up with the explanation.

If you are happy with a companies risk scoring you can simply add to portfolio.

Exclude ‘sin stocks’ from your Smart Portfolio*

In your Smart Portfolio settings you can automatically exclude companies whom are involved in risk activities that do not match up with your investing goals.

*This advanced functionality will be released December 2021

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