Here’s how Jaaims empowers traders to leverage AI capabilities

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Publish date: 15 November 2021

Many would agree that current times are the most disruptive period ever for the finance industry with a new wave of disruptive technologies. Out of all these revolutionary technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) is perhaps the one with the greatest capacity to transform and enhance the stock buying/selling process.

AI-enabled automated systems offer a greater contribution within the investment process and are being increasingly employed to make faster, smarter and more profitable trading decisions.

AI-powered Jaaims platform

Jaaims offers an automated online trading application powered by AI capabilities that enable the automatic buying and selling of shares. The Jaaims trading platform is a first to market, fully automated trading application that utilises AI and algorithms to make trading a completely new experience.

Several key features of Jaaims helps its users to leverage the capabilities of AI and algorithmic technology to make trading a seamless process.  

AI Algorithm & approach

In a conventional stock trading approach, it is assumed that the investors’ decisions rely on completely rational and objective behaviour while synthesising all the information available. However, this assumption is a farfetched one as many seasoned investors and behavioural economists have clearly established that markets are not perfect, and neither are humans!

This phenomenon is at the core of Jaaims’ investing philosophy and has advanced the traditional investing strategy to recognise the role of human emotion through foreseeing upcoming emotional trends.

The power of AI enables continuous analysis of millions of social media and market-moving news. This data is further overlapped with stocks that suggest strong earnings and potential for growth.

Jaaims believes that this hybrid approach of utilising emotional influence with strong fundamentals can help to produce short term positions that can deliver explosive returns.

AI insights from Jaaims

Jaaims offers access to various kinds of insights from across the market so that users do not miss any important news and can make decisions in time.

Moreover, the access to AI economic outlook and market analysis reports helps to keep the traders up to date with Jaaims’ market perspective. Moreover, the users can also access and sort fundamental and sentiment data that Jaaims uses every day in maintaining its competitiveness in the market.

Investing consciously with ESG tools

A lot of users might be curious in learning about the activities that the companies may be involved in, which they might not know of. Moreover, users may or may not want that their money to be involved in these activities.

Jaaims’ ESG tools can help users to identify whether the companies are meeting their ESG expectations, their ESG performance score and filter out the ‘sin’ stocks so that their money remains ethically invested.

Bottom Line

Jaaims is committed to providing the first fully automated online trading app at an affordable price point, making it accessible to the daily trader. Moreover, users can now join Jaaims for free that provides access to one of the most sophisticated trading apps currently available in the Australian market.

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