Two years on, how is Jaaims tracking?

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Published on 22 June 2022

By Tui Eruera, CEO and Founder of Jaaims

Jaaims – an automated online trading application that analyses, predicts and makes calculated trades on investors’ behalf, is about to celebrate its second anniversary. As this milestone approaches, we check in to see if Jaaims is living up to expectations.

Jaaims is an Australian first. It’s a share trading platform that uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse over 10 million pieces of data daily from over 250 different data points to deliver real-time stock ratings every 15 minutes.

Those numbers are impressive. But has Jaaims delivered equally impressive results? And what has the Jaaims team learned over the past two years?

Here are three key take-outs.

1. Jaaims has delivered upside surprises

To gauge the performance of the algorithm, let’s look at Jaaims’ Smart Portfolio, the High Conviction Portfolio, which holds equities across Australia, the UK, US and Germany.

Over the year to 31 December 2021, the portfolio delivered 12-month gains of 8.71%. This pushed up the gains since inception (in July 2020) to 30.35%.

What has been especially rewarding is Jaaims’ turbo-charged ability to analyse and interpret data, allowing our investors to get into a market cycle ahead of the pack.

As a guide, Jaaims capitalised on the uplift in the energy and minerals sector long before other investors.

It means Jaaims is typically getting into a sector about a fortnight ahead of other investors, and thereby enjoys the lion’s share of gains.

This has seen Jaaims notch up double digit price returns on a number of stock holdings including:

  • Metals X Limited (gain of 118.30%)
  • Seven West Media Limited (108.61%)
  • Lynas Rare Earths Limited (98.41%)
  • Paladin Energy Limited (94.75%).

2. Jaaims displays effective risk management

On the flipside, Jaaims has proven very effective at scaling up or down the level of funds deployed in the market depending on prevailing conditions.

We have observed that Jaaims will pull out of trading positions and sit on cash waiting for opportunities to arise. This is a great strategy that has allowed Jaaims to minimise losses during downturns and deploy capital quicky when an opportunity is identified.

By contrast, investors in exchange traded funds are 100 per cent exposed to the market 100 per cent of the time – regardless of how the market is moving.

3. Not every investor wants to work from an app

In the past two years, Jaaims has built a substantial following. We now have over 5,000 subscribers – many of them families keen to build wealth, up from zero when we launched in mid-2020.

Our vision has not changed. We want each customer to achieve financial freedom through passive income streams that allow an escape from the 9-5 grind.

However, we have been surprised by the breadth of investors who have been attracted to Jaaims – everyone from millennials to self-managed super funds.

Not surprisingly, this diversity means we have had to finetune some of our features.

A number of investors for instance, made it clear they wanted to access Jaaims via a web browser rather than an app. We responded by making this possible.

The upshot is that the past 24 months has been an extraordinary time for all Australians as we have pushed through a pandemic.

For the team at Jaaims – and our investors, the last two years has been a remarkable journey.

Jaaims has showcased the power of technology to assess markets quickly, eliminate human emotions and bias from investment decisions, and rapidly process the incredible wealth of data available in the world today to make better investment decisions.

*Any advice provided is general in nature and does not take into account the viewer’s specific needs and circumstances. You should consider your own financial position, objectives and requirements to determine the type of advice and products to best suit your needs. Jaaims Australia is an Authorised Representative of Jaaims Technologies, AFSL 519985.

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