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Save time, invest smart

Trade Australian and international stocks using market leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology through a range of specially developed portfolios that automate the investing process.

Unrivalled insights

Jaaims provides AI-driven market insights, promotes ethical investing by rating companies based on ESG performance, and offers mobile access to comprehensive fundamental data for informed decision-making.

Mitigating risks

Our technology was built to mitigate risk and risk management continues to be at the core of our technology. We have developed a series of risk mitigation strategies to ensure all investments remain secure under our purview. 

Our Strategy

Our AI-driven technology rapidly analyses multiple data points, turbocharging the traditional fundamental investing strategy. By leveraging advanced algorithms, we identify undervalued stocks in trending sectors with strong market sentiment. Our technology optimises entry and exit points to maximise returns.

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Why Jaaims is different

Jaaims holds positions for 5-60 days, averaging 15-30 days, focusing on longer-term trends.

Jaaims uses AI and machine learning to constantly learn and adapt, staying ahead of others who may exploit static day trading strategies.

Jaaims focuses on larger, high-volume companies for better risk management and access to abundant data.

Customise your portfolio by excluding stocks you dislike and trading only in companies you trust.

Our portfolios

Growth Portfolio

Exposure to undervalued growth stocks predominately from the technology and medical sectors.

ESG Portfolio

Stocks who score highest in environmental, social, and governance scores as determined by Sustainalytics.

Balanced portfolio

A diversified range of stocks from Australia and United States markets actively traded 

All Stocks

Exposure to every market and every opportunity generated by Jaaims. 

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