Introducing Jaaims

Welcome to the first post as Founder and CEO and welcome to Jaaims, the radical new way to trade markets.

Jaaims is an Australian based FinTech headquartered in Sydney with a small but growing team of 14. I founded Jaaims on the premises to give the everyday traders like you and me an even playing field when trading financial markets.


Because the big investment banks and hedge funds are spending millions of dollars on quantitative trading algorithms and investment analysts to make their trading decisions leaving it very difficult for the home based trader to be able to make effective trading decisions like they do.

Jaaims' vision is to enable everyday traders access to the best technology giving you an edge like the big investment banks do today and making this all available on a low monthly subscription cost.

How does Jaaims work?

Jaaims is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading tool which analyses financial markets every 15 minutes by using a proprietary algorithm that can make calculated decisions when to enter and exit a trade for a specific stock increasing your chances for a successful trade dramatically. Not only does it think and act for you but removes the emotion behind opening and closing trades. If you don’t know what this is you are very lucky or an amazing trader. When your trade is in positive territory we are all inclined to quickly close and cash in and when it goes into the red, we panic and close the trade immediately. Jaaims seeks to optimise the trade using a sophisticated algorithm that uses complex data sets to make a calculated decision on the peaks and troughs in a trade cycle with the purpose of maximising the outcome for you.

As a user all you need to do is connect your online broking account to Jaaims and Jaaims will do the rest, while you sit back and enjoy the important things in life....

How is this possible, it sounds too good to be true?

As we all know, over the past 10 years technology has come forward in leaps and bounds through the development of artificial intelligence or AI. AI for the first time allows us to teach computers to analyse and make decisions like we do as humans but at a million times faster rate than what we can. Utilising this technology we have been able to develop special algorithms that allows Jaaims to understand technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis of financial markets and apply this analysis in real time to every stock in the market enabling Jaaims to make calculated decisions on what is a good time to enter and exit a trade.

In the finance industry when successful algorithms are built, the large banks will buy the algorithm, secure it and only use it internally as this becomes their edge. At Jaaims we flipped this thinking upside down and instead of keeping it for ourselves we want to empower the everyday trader by giving them access to these powerful trading algorithms.

Interesting, so when does Jaaims launch?

An intense six-month testing program of the platform began in June 2019, refining every part of the application ready for launch in early 2020, we are confident in our ability to deliver a first class product ensuring a high success rate of winning trades. Our goal is to create a reliable and sustainable source of income for everyone so we can top up our banks accounts with a little extra every month.

Will there be challenges?

Yes there will be, we are disrupting a greedy 200 year old business model and investment banks and hedge funds will hate us so we will have powerful resistance from all sectors of the financial markets, but we are committed to Jaaims and our vision to deliver a financial market intelligence tool to trade markets automatically on a subscription basis.

How much will it cost?

Jaaims will be available on a subscription basis starting from an estimated $49 per month. Our vision is to have Jaaims accessible for everyone and so we are developing a price point which allows the small trader to trade with what they are comfortable with.

So this is just a little bit about Jaaims and our vision for the future. We have a big journey ahead of us, but our team is up to the task! We hope you join us on our journey as we endeavour to disrupt the financial markets and give you our future customers a trading edge.