AFR: Investing for retirement with AI trading tech

Managing risk for the retirement nest egg becomes a more pointed concern the closer investors get to this important stage of their lives, especially for the increasing number of Australians setting up their own self-managed super funds.

These decisions become further fraught in today’s ongoing low-interest rate environment where the zero-risk cash option comes with near-zero return.

Financial planners report one of the main concerns for SMSF clients today is about managing their level of exposure to volatile global markets.

But with optimism returning after the disruption of Covid, more investors are looking to the sharemarket as a logical option to chase higher returns.

The rise of fintechs has lowered barriers to entry but potentially also adds more risk to a portfolio than investors nearing retirement are comfortable with.

Now an Australian-developed share trading platform aims to help SMSF investors navigate this environment through the power of artificial intelligence.

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