Jaaims - the automated online trading platform allows you to trade shares from popular international markets by using our advanced AI technology. All you need to do is connect your broker account, choose your portfolio and Jaaims will do the rest, opening and closing trades even while you sleep.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account with Jaaims?

To create an account, you can sign up by clicking on any "start trial" or "sign up" button on our website, please note that Jaaims only works on your mobile. You can also download the app from the Apple store. If you are an Andriod user, you can save the webpage to your mobile device's home-page until our app is available in the app store. If you would like more help, simply contact our friendly customer service team using live chat or by calling us.

How can I verify my account?

Your account will require three verifications which are all handled within the application. The first step is to verify your mobile number - we’ll send you a verification code in an SMS text message which you will copy over to the Jaaims mobile application.
The second step is to verify your e-mail address. Upon sign up, we’ll send you a verification link in an e-mail. Click the link within the email. This does not need to be done immediately, however does need to be completed before the trial period ends. The final step is to complete a mandatory anti-money laundering (AML) check in line with our compliance requirements and obligations under our Australian Financial Services Licence and the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006. Our Compliance team will contact you if they need clarification on your application. You will receive an e-mail when your AML check is complete.

Is there an app in the Apple and Android stores?

Our iOS app is ready for download in the App Store. Our Android app is currently still pending approval. In the interim, you can access the Jaaims trading platform using a mobile web browser, which offers the same experience as an app.

What devices is Jaaims available on?

Jaaims is a mobile only application and will not work on a desktop web browser. Jaaims works best on iOS and Android. Other operating systems support Jaaims, however, can not offer the same level of experience as iOS and Android do while using Jaaims.

Does my credit card get charged when I sign up?

If you sign up for a trial, you do not need to add your credit card details. Your credit card is charged when you sign up to one of our subscriptions - Starter, Standard, and Professional.
We verify your nominated credit card using Stripe. Once your trial period is over and you choose to continue to use Jaaims, or if you choose one of our plans during your trial, you will then be charged automatically. If you do not wish to proceed past your trial, your account will move to our Freemium model - in this mode you can access end of day pricing for equities, fundamental data, latest news, and our latest equity results. You can resubscribe at anytime and whenever you are ready you can log back in. If you need support, please contact our friendly customer success team.

What happens if I do not sign up after 14 days?

After your 14 day free trial, your subscription will move to our Freemium model. In this mode you can access end of day pricing for equities, fundamental data, latest news, and our latest equity results. Resubscribe at anytime and whenever you are ready you can log back in.

Not receiving password reset emails.

If you are not receiving a reset email, either your email address has changed, you have entered it incorrectly or your email has not been verified. To rectify this, please contact our Customer Support team on (02) 7908 0292 or email our support team on and we will get this fixed for you.

How do I change my email address?

In the Menu tab press “Profile”. Here you can remove or edit your e-mail address. Press “Update”. For security purposes, we will send you an e-mail asking you to verify your e-mail address. Simply press “verify password” to complete this process.

How do I reset my password?

Simply launch the application and tap “Forgot password?”, which is located beneath the pink sign up button. Then, enter your mobile phone number in the space provided and tap “send”. We will send you a password reset link to your e-mail address that is linked to your Jaaims account. Follow the prompts and you’ll be able to reset a new password. For more support, call us on 02) 7908 0292 or send an e-mail to and our team will support you between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

How do I change my mobile number?

Tap the “Menu” tab, which is located on the bottom right corner of the Jaaims mobile application. Tap “Profile” to open the profile page. In the mobile number fields you can add your mobile number. For security reasons, we will send you an SMS text message asking you to verify your mobile number. Complete this step and you’re all set.

How do I change my subscription type?

To change your current plan you can do this in the menu section of the application or contact our Customer Service team or start a live chat using the “Ask Jaaims” button in the app. The upgrade/downgrade will commence immediately, and your credit card will be charged pro-rata the difference.

Can I pay for an annual subscription?

Yes you can. Annual subscriptions are reduced by 10% when paid upfront. Choosing one of our annual subscription plans allows you to set up your automated trading and let Jaaims do the hard work.

How do I add or remove my card on my account?

To change your credit card details in the mobile application, simply tap the menu tab and press “Payment”. Here you can remove or edit your credit card details. Press “Update” when you’re done.

Changing a subscription via Apple

If you sign up to Jaaim through the Apple store you can manage these in your subscriptions area.

Can I change my broker account connected to Jaaims?

Yes, you can. However, adding and changing your broker takes time and we do not recommend changing brokers during your trial period. You must also close all trades prior to changing your broker. To change brokers, open the “Menu” tab and select “Broker Details”.

My broker is not on the list?

Our current broker partners: Interactive Brokers and Saxo Markets. For more information, visit For further support, contact our Customer Service team via phone or e-mail.

How long does it take for my broker account to be connected to my Jaaims account?

Connection varies depending on your chosen broker. Once you have set up your broker account, the connection time to Jaaims is: - instantly with Saxo Markets; and - 24-72 hours with Interactive Brokers. We have created a timer on the Jaaims dashboard for the Interactive Brokers connection. Some brokers require you to initiate the connection within their applications, while others are managed behind the scenes between us and the broker. You will be notified by e-mail if you are required to initiate the connection.

Can I use Jaaims without a broker account?

You can use Jaaims without a broker, however, automated trade and positioning size features of Jaaims will not be available to you. To use Jaaims without a broker you need to use the Standard or Professional Subscription in which you can set alerts on over 1,000 equities and be notified when our recommendations on those equities change.

How does allocating funds for Jaaims work?

Through Jaaims’ unique automation, Jaaims removes the need to calculate position size, removing the emotion which can sometimes affect our decisions resulting in poor position size decision making. So how does Jaaims do this? Jaaims determines the available funds in your broker account, then uses your fund allocation percentage that you set and then determines the total amount of funds available to place for trading. Once algorithms and data are learnt by the application, Jaaims artificial intelligence takes over understanding market risks amongst many factors to determine the optimum position size for you. Jaaims then executes the trade. All this is done within seconds and you don’t have to do a thing!​

I already have a Saxo Markets account, can I connect immediately?

Yes, you can however you need to complete a POA (power of attorney) form first. You can download this here and send directly to our team at

Can I change the amount of funds allocated to Jaaims?

You can change the amount you allow Jaaims to trade with at any time by going to the “Menu” tab and selecting “Allocate Funds”. Here you can change the percentage of your funds.

Can I have more than one broker connected to my Jaaims account?

No, only one broker can be connected to Jaaims at any one time.

Can I connect Jaaims to a demo account?

Yes, you can. From November 2020 you can connect a Saxo Markets demo account. This account has a lifetime of 21 days giving you time to use the Jaaims 14-day free trial with this demo account. Accounts can be set up immediately via the Jaaims application.

What technical analysis does Jaaims perform?

Jaaims uses three types of technical analysis; fundamental, technical and sentiment. The Jaaims artificial intelligence engine uses these technical analysis every 15 minutes to derive buy and sell recommendations. We have direct licensing agreements with each exchange (such as NASDAQ, NYSE, ASX, and more) to access pricing and securities related information. This allows Jaaims to access this data in real-time meaning this data is analysed as we receive it and our recommendations (if any) are updated accordingly. We access market moving news and other financial data from various news and information sites (including Bloomberg, New York Times, Reuters, and many more), which feeds our sentiment analysis.

How can I close my acount?

Please contact our Customer Service team who will assist you.

How many stocks/equities can I have in my portfolio?

Each of Jaaims’ subscriptions offers customers a unique number of equities/stocks as listed below. Starter: 10 stocks/equities Standard: 20 stocks/equities Professional: 40 stocks/equities (manual trading). If a Professional user activates the Smart Portfolio then the number of stocks is unlimited (using all 1,000 equities available on Jaaims)

How often does the pricing update?

Stock/Equity pricing updates at the end of the day with the adjusted close price for each individual equity. This is the final price once all orders have been completed which comes through approximately one hour after the market has closed.

Can I override Jaaims' buying and selling decisions?

Yes you can. You are always in control, however, we recommend that our customers allow Jaaims to complete the buying and selling cycle. You can override Jaaims’ decision by closing the trade in the Jaaims application, by removing the stock from your portfolio, or by closing the trade within your broker account. Finally, you can stop Jaaims from trading altogether in the “Menu” tab by moving the “Trade Allocation Percentage” to 0%.​

How often does the profit and loss update for stocks within the Jaaims app?

Profit and Loss values update every 15 minutes in the Jaaims application.

Why hasn't Jaaims opened a trade?

Jaaims only opens trades once an opportunity arises. This means that currently even if an equity has a status as Long or Short it will not open once placed into your portfolio as the original opportunity has since passed. We are here to support your investing journey, so please contact our Customer Support team if you would like more information.

Why is the profit value in Jaaim different to what is represented in my broker account?

When calculating profit results, Jaaims does not take into account your broker fees as customer fees vary depending on trade volume. Please see your broker for more details. As you can place your own trades with your broker, Jaaims can only identify the trade it makes. So, we can only present profit values for the trades that Jaaims makes.​

I have added only trades with the trade predictor to my portfolio but they have not all opened?

The algorithms will generate a trade predictor when the majority of open trade conditions are being met. Currently, it is predicting trades at 84.35% success rate which varies from time-to-time.

What are Jaaims' trading indicators?

Alongside the equity names are a bell icon (represents the Trade Predictor) and a rocket icon (represents the Hyper Rating) and a lightening strike (represents the Power Rating). These predictive indicators have been developed to assist you in creating a high performing portfolio. The Jaaims Power Rating is a confidence indicator for when Jaaims has a high amount of confidence in particular equity/stocks’ prospects for profit in the near future. However, this isn't guaranteed. A Hyper Rating is a performance indicator which demonstrates the AI is becoming optimised for that specific indicator. It also shows that Jaaims has a greater than 80% success rate of winning trades. A Trade Predictor is a predictive indicator demonstrating a high probability that a Jaaims recommendation will change from “hold” to “long” or “short” within the next 48 hours. We have also launched the bullseye icon, available to Professional subscribers only.

Can I turn off automated trading?

Yes. In the “Trade Settings” section of the application you can turn off automated trading and also turn it on at any time.

Can I pre-approve every trade?

Yes. In the “Trade Settings” you can switch on pre-approval. You will receive an SMS message in which approval is requested within 90 minutes. If you do not approve a trade before 90 minutes, then the trade opportunity is lost.

How often does my dashboard update?

Your home-page/dashboard will update upon refreshing the application.

What is Jaaims' Model Portfolio?

The Jaaims model portfolio is our default portfolio of 20 equities we use to monitor the performance of Jaaims. These equities were Jaaims' top picks at inception. You can add this portfolio and then modify the portfolio at any time once added to your portfolio. This portfolio and information in this application has been prepared without taking into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular individual. For this reason, any user should before acting on the information in this application consider appropriateness of the information, having regards to the users objectives, financial situation and needs, and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice.

What is Jaaims' Smart Portfolio?

Smart Portfolio enables you to set stock selection and trade parameters on the entire list of equities we analyse enabling you to have the entire range of equities in your portfolio. This means Jaaims can open unlimited positions at any one time. Smart Portfolio replaces all stocks in your current portfolio.

Can I trade Cryptocurrency on Jaaims?

No. Cryptocurrency has no fundamentals for Jaaims to analyse, thus, we do not include it in the application.

What are Jaaims' results?

Jaaims’ performance results are published monthly. View the Jaaims Trading Results. at any time.

Contacting Jaaims

We love hearing from our customers to help you with using Jaaims and to hear your feedback so that we can continue to improve our product. The best way to contact us is through the application using the “Ask Jaaims” function. We are also available by phone on (02) 7908 0292 or via e-mail at We are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Can I connect my Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?

Yes you can, you will need to connect thsi via one of our Broker partners.