Our mission is to disrupt but our focus is our customers

At Jaaims, our mission is to deliver industry leading quantitative technology for our customers which until now was only accessible by large hedge funds and investment banks, levelling the playing field and delivering a trading edge to our customers. But more importantly to us, building a supportive and inclusive company which supports you, our most important asset.

One of my biggest frustrations as a consumer, is the lack of support companies actually deliver to us as paying customers. I continue to remain frustrated by companies who make it almost impossible to contact them for help by hiding their contact details in the most obscure part of their website or directing you to some useless forum where they expect you to sift through hundreds of posts to only find one part of the answer to the question you have.

And then by chance if you do manage to speak to a human, more than likely after a very long hold, you receive a customer support officer who struggles to converse in your language and then responds in the most cryptic way possible that only drives you further up the wall. Furthermore, you leave the entire experience more disappointed and frustrated than what you were when you began.

"I feel as we have now surged into a world of greater connectivity, we have lost the basic values of customer service, empathy and honesty."

This is why customer service and being a customer centric organisation is so important to me and will remain a core value from day one through to infinity. My promise to you, our valued customers and loyal supporters are to always be;

1. Empathetic, understanding and always take the time to listen. You are the reason we are here, and your feedback determines our future.

2. Contactable on almost every possible type of communication available. If you’re comfortable calling us, we will be there on the phone. If you want to SMS us, Facebook, email, send a letter or even send a homing pigeon we will always endeavour to respond quickly, efficiently and you will be responded to by a human being.

3. We will only create, develop and release products that benefit you. If it does not make your life easier or does not deliver a beneficial outcome to you, it won’t be released.

4. We will not be misleading or deceptive in our pricing and offers. There will never be hidden prices and outrageous fees.

5. We will be true and honest to you always.

From my 15 years of business, one thing I know is we will not always get it right and mistakes are inevitable. It’s part of life and part of learning as an organisation, however we will always endeavour to fix our mistakes as fast as we can, communicate (which appears to be a lost art these days) and do everything in our power to make it right. We are not perfect, nor will we ever be, but we will always have your best interests at heart.

So, thank you again for your support, time and joining us on our mission to disrupt and like you have supported us now, we will always be here to support you for whatever it might be now and into the future.

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Tui Eruera

Founder & CEO