Jaaims trading indicators

From May 1 - August 15 2020 the Jaaims Hyper Rating had an average return rate of 6.28% and the Trade Predictor had a 84.35% success rate.

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Alongside the equity names you will now see a bell icon which represents the Trade Predictor and a rocket icon which represents the Hyper Rating and a lightening strike that indicates the Power Rating. These predictive indicators have been developed to assist you in creating a high performing portfolio and the new indicators are explained below:

Power Rating: The Jaaims Power Rating is a confidence indicator for when Jaaims has a high amount of confidence in particular equity/stock’s prospects for profit in the near future. However, this isn't guaranteed. Hyper Rating: The hyper rating is a performance indicator which demonstrates the AI is becoming optimised for that specific indicator. It also shows that Jaaims has a greater than 80% success rate of winning trades. Trade Predictor: The trade predictor is a predicting indicator that demonstrates there is a high probability that a Jaaims recommendation will change from hold to Long/Short within the next 24 hours.