Jaaims Top 10 Highest Returning Stocks

From May 1 - August 15 2020 Jaaims top 10 highest returning stocks were as follows:

Quanta Services, Inc. 35.90%

JB HI-FI Limited 20.20%

Afterpay Limited 19.40%

Freeport-McMoran, Inc. 17.40%

Activision Blizzard, Inc. 17.40%

Rollins, Inc. 17.20%

Ebay Inc. 16.60%

Coles Group Ltd. 16.30%

Fresnillo PLC 16.00%

St. Barbara Ltd. 15.50%

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The Jaaims Return Rate is the absolute return Jaaims has made through its recommendations for an equity. The Jaaims returns will differ from general return amounts on each stock owing to Jaaims opening and closing at optimum times to maximise returns.

The Return Rate value will reset to zero at the commencement of every new year.