Jaaims Automated Trading: May Results

Each month the team at Jaaims will be sharing our success rate of predicting trades.

We are pleased to share our May results:

Total Trade Recommendations: 74

Success Rate: 71.62%

Average Return Per Trade: 3.99%

Average Return of Successful Trades: 6.60%



Total Trade Recommendations: This is the total aggregate of all Long and Short recommendations Jaaims has given for the period.

Success Rate: This is the rate that Jaaims correctly predicts a profitable trade. It is calculated by combining the total profitable trade / Total trade recommendations.

Average Return per trade: This is the average rate of return per trade or recommendation including non-profitable trades. It is calculated by averaging all trade returns.

Average return of successful trades: This is the averaged value of the rate of return for the successful trades only.

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