Jaaims flexes its muscle during market sell-off.

As reported in the news, billions of dollars has been wiped off financial markets over the last week, with six-months of gains disappearing and annihilating investment funds across the globe, however during the same period Jaaims flexed its muscles by predicting the downturn and selling almost all positions on Friday 21st and protecting portfolios before the aggressive falls that commenced on Monday 24th February. From the period 1 January to February 28th, Jaaims maintained market gains locking in an average 13.58% across our test portfolios with the ASX200 index at 3pm sitting at -2.7% during the same period, resulting in a difference of 16.28%.

This demonstrates the power of Jaaims active portfolio management technology which comprehensively smashes the index yet again and the micro-investing platforms.

Running same parameters as our previous article, Jaaims started with an investment fund of $5,000 trading with a margin of 10% as commonly available through accredited CFD providers.

Portfolio Details

*Fees are the fees charged by your broker and differ from broker to broker. For this scenario we modelled $9 per trade ($18 in total to open and close a trade).

During this period, nett of fee’s Jaaims returned a profit of $839.83 and a portfolio return of 13.58%.

Jaaims is launching to the Australian market early 2020 - join the waitlist before launch.