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How does automated trading perform against the market? We are thrilled to report Jaaims' return on our Model Portfolio from June to December 2020.

return of Smart Portfolio 2020 
return of Model Portfolio


Model Portfolio average return per successful trade 

Trading results

Jaaims closed the 2020 calendar year with positive gains, resulting in a +13.14% gain on the Model Portfolio - 7 months.

In December alone, the average gain per successful trade was +17.94% in the Model Portfolio. Of the 20 stocks in the Model Portfolio, Jaaims opened 224 times in the seven (7) month period with an average success rate of +5.57% per winning trade.

"All returns are net of fees and in AUD. Calculations are based on exit price with distributions reinvested, after ongoing fees and expenses but excluding taxation. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Inception date is 1 June 2020."


Monthly returns

Every month Jaaims reports monthly trading results together with an average return and recommendations. Each month the team at Jaaims share the success rate of predicting trades. Below are our averaged results commencing June 2020 through to December 2020:

success rate
recommendations per month on average
average return per successful trade

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Jaaims is an automated online trading application that analyses, predicts and makes calculated trades on your behalf on shares you choose to trade. By using a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm, Jaaims automatically buys and sells shares removing the emotion associated of making trading decisions yourself.
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